Upgrading facilities

to keep up with sales…

How we generated 375% revenue increase in under 2 months. 

3RDPHIX make an innovative ‘protein shaker’ bottle that can also be used for water, fruit infusion and smoothies. 


Having created the product and managed the brand organically himself, Mitch found that it was really challenging to get the kind of traction he was hoping for. 


Despite his constant efforts in posting, creating content, and doing influencer collaborations, growth was inconsistent and sporadic. 

Although 3RDPHIX looked fantastic on social media and had a great following, they lacked a system to automatically drive traffic and generate sales.

They had built a loyal fan base and made an ‘impact’ with influencer collaborations, but none of this provided the traction needed to scale an ecommerce brand.

They hired Sway to take things to the next level.....


In under 2 months 3RDPHIX experienced 375% revenue growth!

Just 1 week into the campaigns, we had already exceeded their average monthly revenue - and we were just getting started. 


We achieved a consistent 4.40x ROI - meaning that for every $1 that was spent on ads, they made back $4.40 in sales!

In a matter of only weeks, the Facebook & Instagram campaigns were racing and 3RDPHIX had to upgrade facilities to handle the growth of the business.


So how did we do it?

Understanding 3RDPHIX’s target audience and customers, our copy writers dialed in their messaging and our ad strategist put together expert strategy with engaging ads. 


We got their products in front of people on Facebook & Instagram who “wished they had known about it earlier!”


We showed these people content, reviews, social proof and product benefits until THEY decided that they HAD to have a 3RDPHIX bottle themselves - at which point they became customers. 


And quality customer’s at that - the store’s average order value increased by over 6%!


3RPHIX are now in a position where they can generate as many sales as they please, and scale the business. 

The hurdle is no longer obtaining customers and producing sales - it’s increasing their processes and facilities to be able to handle the massive volumes of orders they are processing every day.


You know you’ve done a good job when the client has to upgrade their facility to keep up with growth! 


We are now focused on seriously scaling 3RDPHIX, and expanding the advertising campaigns worldwide. 

"Sway have been instrumental in helping our business expand its reach online and gain new customers – especially during a very trying time for our industry.


Nathan and the team have gone above and beyond for us to achieve amazing results for our business, and they genuinely care about our success too! Thank you Sway!"


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