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A sold out workshop

tour on the other side

of the world.

How we generated 500% ROI and filled workshop events all across Europe. 

FitnessFAQs is the industry leader in Calisthenics education. Boasting over 1 Million Youtube subscribers (and over 18 million video views), Daniel has built his entire business of providing free value content and education. 


Whilst the business model is predominantly online, Daniel has a strong passion for workshop events where he can teach in person and give me hands on advice.

He approached us with an ambitious goal - to sell out a 10 location workshop tour in Europe. Workshops would run for 2 days in each location.

As it would be his first time in Europe, and his first time doing a workshop tour this large, Daniel knew he was going to need an A+ digital marketing strategy to reach success.

Each workshop would run for 2 days with a ticket price of €499.

After a lot of planning with our ad strategists, creative team and campaign managers, we came up with the strategy and got to work.

1. Promotional Content

As the saying goes, "content is king". 

To sell out 10 workshop locations through Facebook & Instagram Ads meant we would need a content heavy strategy to generate interest, drive traffic, and showcase the benefits of attending.

Here are some examples of the content we created to promote this workshop tour (there was a LOT - this is just a handful!).



2. Sales Funnels

Peaking people's interest and getting them to click on an ad was only the first step - we needed to build a high converting sales funnel to could take people from interested prospect, to paying customer. 

We spent a lot of time getting clear on FitnessFAQs target audience-  what they want, what motivates them to buy, what were they hoping to achieve, the benefits they would get from the workshop, the hurdles they could be facing, and the questions they might have.

Think of the sales funnel as an online sales person. We needed to create a sales page that would answer prospects questions and given them all the information they needed to make a purchasing decision.

A sales funnel was built for each location, so that the messaging was very specific to the target audience. 


3. Nurturing Content

The goal with the content nurturing campaigns was to build trust, authority, good will, influence and brand affinity with the audiences.


To sell a €499 2 day workshop through Facebook & Instagram ads, we really had to work on building FitnessFAQs relationship with the audiences.

We took some of FitnessFAQs top performing youtube tutorials (that related to the workshop) and ran them with video views objective. 

For these campaigns we weren't looking for clicks or sales, but purely consumption of the video content from people who had shown interest in the workshop.

There was a soft call to action link to remind them that the Workshop was coming to their location. 

The more a prospects watched the videos, the more likely they were to take actions towards purchasing a ticket. The more they like, trusted and respected FitnessFAQs, saw them as the industry leaders, they more they understood the benefit they would get from attending the workshop.

This followed the FitnessFAQs ethos of being the industry leaders in online calisthenics education, and always leading with free value first.

The results - 500% ROI and packed workshops all across Europe!

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